1 Sep 2014

Elizabeth Marxs in Luscious Body

Cybergirl of the Year Elizabeth Marxs is just luscious in this set from photographer Allen Henson. The last time you saw Miss Marxs, she was in Costa Rica with Holly Randall, but this set sees her a little closer to home. “We shot this set in my hometown, Houston,” says Elizabeth. “My photographer, Allen Henson, is actually a good friend of mine. For this set, we looked at a bunch of old Playboy magazines, and we went for something soft and sexy, like Playmates in the sixties.” Sexy is right – Elizabeth pours herself into a satin bra and panties, and in the nude, she’s smooth as silk. “It’s so hot in Texas,” she laments. “I’ll tell you guys a secret – to cool down, I actually put my panties in the refrigerator!” Is it just us, or is it very, very hot in here? 

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