4 Sep 2014

Alissa Arden in Fresh & Clean

Sexy Texan Alissa Arden bares it all in this set from photographer Jose Luis. A blue-eyed blonde from Dallas, fresh-faced Alissa is a brand-new model – though to see her in a white cotton top and panties, you certainly wouldn’t know it. “I’ve only been modeling for a year or so,” she says with a slight twang. “Jose invited me in for a test, and now here I am, shooting for Playboy! I love everything about Playboy, so it’s a perfect fit.” If the shoe fits, wear it, Miss Arden – but we can’t wait for you to take off those pesky clothes. “I get a lot of compliments on my eyes,” says Alissa. “Not to mention my natural DD breasts! Those are probably my best assets.” Save the best for last with the sensuous Alissa Arden, only on Playboy Plus.

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