5 Aug 2014

Yesenia Bustillo in Blow Up

Amateur Yesenia Bustillo blows the competition out of the water in this hot set from photographer Holly Randall. El Salvadorian by descent, with brown hair, brown eyes and a wide, inviting smile, Yesenia is nearly impossible to resist, and in the nude, well, let’s just say she’s got us right where she wants us. “I’ve never posed nude before,” she admits. “I hadn’t planned on it, but Playboy is the best. I sent in some photos online, and the casting director called me right back. Before I knew it, I was booked for my very first Playboy shoot!” Believe us, Yesenia is one little lady you won’t want to miss. When asked on set if she had any special talents, Miss Bustillo laughed, smiled and said, “My special talent? I can make you fall in love!” We don’t know about you, but we’ve fallen for Yesenia, and we can’t get up. 

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