27 Aug 2014

Sophie Nicolson in Rustic Rendezvous

Here at Playboy, we do some of our best thinking in the bedroom – and with this cute boudoir pictorial, British model Sophie Nicolson gives us some serious food for thought. Tall and all natural, with chocolate-brown eyes, Sophie stands in a crowd – and in a black satin panties, stockings and heels, she’ll bring you to your knees. “Taking my clothes off makes me feel so free,” she says. “One of my biggest turn-ons is eye contact, and I try to give that to the camera.” Well, Miss Nicolson, it’s working – consider us all turned on. “I feel very good about my body,” she says proudly. “I’m curvy, and my breasts are very perky. I’m studying for my law degree, but in the meantime, why not pose for Playboy? It’s the ultimate!”

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