22 Aug 2014

Sophie Nicolson in Cinnamon Buns

British model Sophie Nicolson turns heads and wins hearts with this romantic set from photographer Joby Rawlins. Brown-haired, brown-eyed and all natural, Sophie may be new to glamour modeling, but in little more than a year, she’s risen through the ranks to take it all off for Playboy. “When I set out to become a model, Playboy was definitely at the top of my list,” she says, confident. “I’ve always loved the image of Playboy – beauty, brains and lots and lots of class! One of my idols is Jessica Burciaga, so I’m really excited to be here.” We’re excited to have her, too – one can never have too many beautiful, natural women, especially those of Miss Nicolson’s high caliber. “This pictorial is clean and simple,” says Sophie. “Just me and a lacy bra and panties!” All that’s missing is you – get to know the gorgeous Sophie Nicolson, right here on Playboy Plus. 

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