24 Aug 2014

Michaela Isizzu in Perfection

 Michaela Isizzu is your Cybergirl of the Month for August 2014, and she’s sheer perfection in this set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. If you think you’ve seen every side of Michaela, think again – seen here in little more than a satin bra and panties, this is Miss Isizzu at her most beautiful, and more importantly, her most naked. As she strips down for the camera, she flashes her dazzling smile, and let’s just say that there’s a whole lot more where that came from. “I don’t wear anything to bed,” she says demurely. “I like to be spontaneous, so I sleep naked.” Forget spontaneity, this is sensuality at its finest – and don’t thank us, thank Michaela. 

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15798113426158742573.jpg 41077210242555029119.jpg 11549495792088635714.jpg 49215255038714647022.jpg 00418954060298674576.jpg 64162677892857583961.jpg 72038473561976838820.jpg 71916202566841505554.jpg 85949003567097657823.jpg 37775010908905832962.jpg 41571970110121590317.jpg 60909587206245962539.jpg 72994987927670368892.jpg 51106984535801310857.jpg 90421612232994678057.jpg 97934333802373194094.jpg 25255498154428162545.jpg 92731197645177212227.jpg 39870278008898700887.jpg 32823887713173469713.jpg 29441456049402003914.jpg 47510775076922183147.jpg 36669357652888676834.jpg 85698179556033320390.jpg 24747513218149180911.jpg 97680972388684527404.jpg 41175632351373618258.jpg 78725353371276440405.jpg 29514678032628729257.jpg 31006679376680504819.jpg 09634553359845836490.jpg 45549901567017058951.jpg 93486475242566421705.jpg 38006959504033638204.jpg

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