3 Aug 2014

Meghan Nicole in Seductive Brunette

 Amateur Meghan Nicole makes quite the first impression in this luscious set from photographer Holly Randall. Petite at 5’3”, with brown hair and brown eyes, Meghan owes her good looks to her Spanish and Italian heritage. “I love to cook, and I talk with my hands, so I think I’m more Italian,” she says. In a lacy bodysuit and heels, she’ll leave you speechless, so you may as well let her do all the talking. “Being single is a lot of fun, but if the right guy came along, I wouldn’t mind being in a relationship,” says Meghan. “I like good-looking guys with big, bold personalities. Someone who’ll hold the door for me on my way in, and smack my ass on my way out!” Go over the finer points with the beautiful Meghan Nicole, right here on Playboy Plus. 

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