20 Aug 2014

Kristine Simmons in First Blush

Amateur Kristine Simmons makes her Playboy debut in this fun, flirty set from photographer Jose Luis. Brown-haired, green-eyed and all natural, Kristine turns heads in a floral romper and heels, and in the nude, she’s sure to win your heart. “As a young girl, I always dreamed of becoming a model,” she says. “As I got older, I started to dream about Playboy. I’m so, so excited to have been chosen!” We’re finding it hard to contain our excitement, too – with a face and body like hers, not to mention her fiery Texan personality, we’ve got it bad for Kristine Simmons. “I’m an all-around nice girl,” she says sweetly. “I hope you guys like my photos!”

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