27 Aug 2014

Kimber Cox in Heavenly Body

Cybergirl Kimber Cox is back and hotter than ever in this very special set from photographer Jennifer Vaughn. Yes, that Jennifer Vaughn – these days, our CGOY ’13 finds herself on the other side of the camera, and lucky for us, she asked Kimber to be one of her first models. “Shooting with Jen was amazing,” says Kimber. “She’s a pro, and she makes it look so easy! This was the first set we shot, and it’s definitely my favorite. I know I rocked that bodysuit.” Not to mention all of our worlds – with a face and body like hers, Kimber’s got this whole Cybergirl thing down pat. “I’m an all-American girl, and Playboy is an American icon,” she says. “What’s not to like?” ‘Like’ isn’t a strong enough word, Miss Cox. 

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