24 Aug 2014

Georgie Gee in Hot Blossom

Australian model Georgie Gee blossoms in this set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. A natural blonde with moss-green eyes, Georgie fits right in with the lush Indonesian surroundings. “Going to Bali was such a great opportunity for me,” she gushes. “When Cassandra asked me if I wanted to shoot there for Playboy, I was like, ‘Duh!’ Of course I did.” It’s been a great opportunity for us, too – here at Playboy, we’re known to love a tall blonde or two, and Miss Gee most definitely fits the bill. “I’m very tall,” she says. “So anybody I date has to be taller. But right now, I’m really loving the single life!” Single or not, Georgie’s double the fun, and she’s getting up close and personal on Playboy Plus. 

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