28 Aug 2014

Elizabeth & Ali in Naked Car Wash

Cybergirls Elizabeth Marxs and Ali Rose get soapy, slippery and very, very sexy in this girl-on-girl set from photographer Damir K. Busty and all natural, Elizabeth and Ali are two of our favorites, and in matching black bikinis, they’re washing their favorite cars over at Saleen Automotive. “It’s always great to shoot with Ali,” says Elizabeth. “She likes to have fun, and so do I. For this set, we thought we’d do a little car wash.” Ali smiles. “Oh, yeah,” she says. “This shoot was so hot. Soaping up that Mustang – and each other’s bodies – sparks were definitely flying!” The car may be clean, but our thoughts are an entirely different story. Clean up with CGOY ’14 Elizabeth Marxs and Cybergirl Ali Rose, only on Playboy Plus. 

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