20 Aug 2014

Elisa Tes in Hallway Disclosure

Italian International model Elisa Tes is so, so sensual in this set from photographer Emiliano Camatti. A platinum blonde with wide green eyes, Elisa may look innocent – but in skimpy black panties, stockings and heels, she’s very naughty indeed. Slipping out of her bra, she looks playfully at you over her shoulder, those big, green eyes begging you to watch. Before you know it, she’s got nothing on but those white stockings, and those leave very, very little to the imagination. “I’m very spontaneous,” hints Elisa. “I love the sea, the sun and meeting new people.” Add ‘nude modeling’ to that list, Miss Tes. 

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97887009352070211957.jpg 58323908214448688797.jpg 31771187107127775574.jpg 77159874778207242008.jpg 79441683519438322725.jpg 65312297874489213891.jpg 82649866804781707444.jpg 11621092118076057939.jpg 51410009177181691658.jpg 11465531380699996335.jpg 13377047507868551133.jpg 20835411880708979406.jpg 39379137786152607102.jpg 06220189347679506565.jpg 12064316400299950264.jpg 95839380740553381337.jpg 83864559283307164662.jpg 74088403646640085366.jpg 58838646148838523835.jpg 75630064314913193743.jpg 56370840863184567862.jpg 40020160641547406163.jpg 92923031727351955357.jpg 53508546477227941593.jpg 64893231444644000180.jpg 52883755989742408131.jpg 62744968347118306775.jpg 38455622039091846533.jpg 31307089168985156638.jpg 46146794441433828447.jpg

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