3 Jul 2014

Tunde in Fresh Water

Hungarian model Tunde makes her American Playboy debut in this set from photographer Robert Haas. A voluptuous brunette with green eyes, Tunde made a name for herself as Playboy Hungary’s Playmate of the Month in June 2013, and after a hot, hot bath, you won’t be forgetting that name any time soon. “I think Playboy is very good for girls,” she says. “I can show my nice body. I like it because the boys love me!” No argument there. “We shot these pictures in a big house,” she says. “It was very nice place with a beautiful view of the forest and mountains. I hope you can see it in the pictures!” To be honest, we hadn’t noticed – the most beautiful view is Tunde, and lucky for you, she’s right here on Playboy Plus. 

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Molly and Alyssa take good care of each other on a hot summer day...

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