20 Jul 2014

Mash-Up Monday Precious Playmates Vol. 2

This Mash-Up Monday, we’re taking it to the top – the top tier of our content structure, that is. Six sexy Playmates from 1999 to present are here to show off their beautiful, beautiful bodies. First up, total babe Amelia Talon soaks it up for photographer Jared Ryder, and all-natural Ashley Doris is sweet as can be in white cotton. Blonde-haired Audrey Aleen Allen steams it up with a hot, hot shower, and busty Katie Lohmann brings the heat at the pool. Miss May ’99 Tishara Cousino shares a very private moment, and our Playmate of the Year 2012, Jaclyn Swedberg, rounds it out with a never-before-seen photo from an upcoming set with Holly Randall. As every guy knows, there’s no woman like a Playmate – so sit back, relax and spend some time with some of your all-time favorites, right here on Playboy Plus. 

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26573658024438784248.jpg 15784818273281065371.jpg 21995158753962984478.jpg 14260810027420788461.jpg 60212939906250549984.jpg 72071954783619694785.jpg 89340739575169243809.jpg 10464178081812238116.jpg 54545925491356822743.jpg 27617251447169655546.jpg 23016578150030189684.jpg 74561657098079158822.jpg 49631341594068292000.jpg 68167830550346076684.jpg 21961340829319601702.jpg 59391323490836654326.jpg 80398695995449585310.jpg 12522535021054905163.jpg 42200638098298989649.jpg 83083584908989907212.jpg 14325363852162037007.jpg 33117368725866202247.jpg 97263225770679043697.jpg 66996482358285601907.jpg 27019550460073999436.jpg 07230017287020717507.jpg 14741527858985746151.jpg 56665061915667851077.jpg 97158121845928645431.jpg 95763646437148362966.jpg

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