6 Jul 2014

Mash-Up Monday Best of Stefanie Knight

This Mash-Up Monday, we’re taking a good, long look at one of our very favorite models, the beautiful, natural Stefanie Knight. A Canadian from small-town Ontario, with long, dark hair, olive-green eyes and a 32DD bust, she seems almost too good to be true, and when we saw her at an event in Canada, we knew we had to sign her up for Playboy Plus. From her New Year’s shoot with Holly Randall to her steamy hot Cybergirl of the Month shoot, and every beautiful look in between, we’re celebrating all things Stefanie Knight, and if you love her as much as we do, this set is an absolute must-see. 

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63848437937087589092.jpg 69350435784868052618.jpg 52894929016849581502.jpg 98330623738904687094.jpg 91388880830614038736.jpg 83580301046129829021.jpg 66476656067098576048.jpg 82217380066985820530.jpg 45711518378490931163.jpg 23200258527631320406.jpg 49261380310613494697.jpg 11776645210827157843.jpg 87620312747603506501.jpg 02267216538862277911.jpg 31108764569132470338.jpg 04563710206669182154.jpg 77216544925932542583.jpg 07015632304155955927.jpg 53319406698590661538.jpg 43242077634628136273.jpg 76077711644820780398.jpg 25053263692089556809.jpg 94002901438780730701.jpg 80305606070762905690.jpg 10031391611463281426.jpg 62314370472436843689.jpg 63595824577872021318.jpg 68413466366599632267.jpg 84785442523561160758.jpg 82410036236545789479.jpg

Elizabeth plays in the water on a hot summer day.

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