26 Jul 2014

Maggie May Playmate Miss August

Maggie May is our Miss August 2014, and she’s ravishing in this Hamptons-themed set from photographer Josh Ryan. Tall and leggy, Maggie hails from Wamego, Kansas, but these days, she doesn’t call any one place home – as a full-time model, she travels for a living, and spends as much time in the air as she does on land. “I’m all over the place,” she admits. “I’d be as happy being an architect as I would an actress, mom or beach bum.” As a commercial model, it was more likely that you’d see Maggie’s picture in a catalogue than in an issue of Playboy, but the Centerfold was an offer that she couldn’t refuse. “A few months ago, I moved from New York to Los Angeles, and my agency asked me if I would be interested in becoming a Playmate,” she says. “I thought, if Kate Moss can do it, so can I!” In two shakes of a bunny’s tail, Maggie was our latest Miss August. Seen here in little more than a men’s button-down shirt and loafers, she’s cool, calm and comfortable in the Centerfold. “We shot this set at a nice beach house in Malibu, and with the fence and white trim, I really felt like I was in the Hamptons,” she says. “Actually, it was freezing that day – everyone was wearing a jacket, but I had to be naked, and my nipples could have cut glass. Looking at the pictorial, you can’t tell – I guess I really am a professional!” 

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