30 Jul 2014

Katerina di Luca in Molto Bene

Amateur Katerina di Luca puts her heels up in this hot set from photographer Emiliano Camatti. Brown-haired, blue-eyed Katerina owes her good looks to her Polish heritage, but these days, she calls the seaside city of Ravenna, Italy her home. “I love living in Italy,” she says. “Modeling is my passion. I put in years of hard work to get the best results!” Seen here in a lace-trimmed bra, panties and nude stilettos, she’s definitely getting results. “I decided to try Playboy because my friend told me that I had a fabulous body,” she says. “I agreed!” Nice to meet you, Miss di Luca. 

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37990649017408263178.jpg 44270459702081416639.jpg 89648899214392328329.jpg 17992197757738071578.jpg 84564216048951708861.jpg 73493899369050181910.jpg 80852170975740197086.jpg 84868282945321855343.jpg 35014663631663489662.jpg 19811501400575764582.jpg 58275609973884295396.jpg 45405042395008060789.jpg 03192762024142141049.jpg 07131266838861253441.jpg 39307085405357152503.jpg 96431844812956502827.jpg 31051064878701460164.jpg 76265629712612736319.jpg 13915903795789687603.jpg 09907858302170959666.jpg 57912257904067208821.jpg 56957660701839619427.jpg 66512795136380020189.jpg 92942209536769903530.jpg 61876866953321425831.jpg 78979313703396143208.jpg 52552690241254836319.jpg 96019155469514485059.jpg 65522004110821119948.jpg

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