8 Jul 2014

Elizabeth Marxs in Late Night Dip

Cybergirl of the Year Elizabeth Marxs takes a late-night dip in the pool in this one-of-a-kind set from photographer Holly Randall. Poured into a hot pink bikini, all-natural Elizabeth slips into the water, wetting her long, red hair and letting it run down her back. “This is the fourth set that I shot with Holly,” she says. “The bright color of the bikini and the blue pool water contrasted really well with my skin. The lighting for this shoot is just killer, and I think these photos show my curves off perfectly.” We’re more than inclined to agree with her. After all, is there anything more enticing than a beautiful woman – our Cybergirl of the Year, no less – nude in the Costa Rican moonlight, waiting for you to join her? “When it comes to guys, some are shy and some aren’t,” she says. “It depends on the guy. But if I see someone that interests me, I’m going to get him – I’m definitely not shy, and I’m not afraid to make the first move.” Cool off with the red-hot Elizabeth Marxs, right here on Playboy Plus. 

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