6 Jul 2014

Cosmo in Fitness & Pleasure

Hungarian International model Cosmo makes working out look so, so sexy in this set from photographer Robert Haas. Slim and slender, with chestnut-brown hair, brown eyes and a wry smile, Cosmo could turn just about any guy’s head – and out for a run in a pair of short shorts, she’ll definitely catch your eye. “This shoot was a little…unusual,” says Cosmo in her charming Hungarian accent. “We were in an old abandoned building. I wore sporty clothes for this, which suits me – I’m really into fitness!” With a body like Cosmo’s, we’d say she doesn’t have to worry about it, but we are definitely not complaining about this flirty little pictorial. “I can be a perfectionist, so it was great to do such a fun shoot,” she says. “Playboy makes me feel so free!” 

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Charming Sally Charles gets her pussy all wet in this beautiful outdoor scene, enjoy this true moment of pleasure.

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