20 Jul 2014

Anika Shay in Make it Rain

Anika Shay is your Cybergirl of the Month for July 2014, and she’s makin’ it rain in this hot, wet set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. “This is the last set we shot in England,” says Anika. “I had a trenchcoat and umbrella, and we used a rain machine. Obviously, it was awesome – very wet and very, very sexy!” Awesome indeed – in front of Cassandra’s camera, she strips out of her red coat, revealing a lacy bra and panties, and before you know it, she’s got nothing on but the water and a wide, inviting smile. “Being a Playboy model is pretty much every girl’s dream, so being Cybergirl of the Month has been incredible,” says Anika. “I love posing nude!” It’s been a pleasure, Miss Shay.

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