24 Jun 2014

Thuy Li in Smoking Hot

Cybergirl Thuy Li takes us to the bedroom in this smoking hot set from photographer Fab Fernandez. Petite at 5’4” and half-Vietnamese, with silky black hair and brown eyes, Thuy is just about as beautiful as they come. “Honestly, I’d wanted to be a Playboy model since I was a teenager,” she says. “Back then, I was too concerned with what people might think if I posed nude. Now I know I was just being young and stupid – these days, I say do what you want and do it at your own pace!” Looking at this pictorial, we’re reminded to pace ourselves, all the better to take in every lovely inch of Thuy’s tight, toned body. “The first time I posed nude, I felt a little hesitant, but after a couple of shots I was all in,” she says. “I’ve never looked back! ” Words to live by, Miss Li. 

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