27 Jun 2014

Leola Bell in Velour

Playmate Leola Bell is back and better than ever in this luscious set from photographer Joel Alvarez. Petite and all natural, our Miss February 2012 turns heads in a zebra-striped bra and panties, and in the nude, she’s winning hearts, too. “I’m a relationship girl,” says Leola. “I love to love! In a man, I look for someone tall, with a sense of humor and maybe a beard. I have to say, beards are my number-one biggest turn-on – I love the lumberjack look!” All pent up in the penthouse suite, beautiful Playmate Leola undresses and spreads out on the rug, the soft fibers brushing up against her even softer skin. “When it comes to my body, my best assets are my eyes and smile,” she says. “And of course, my curves.” Stay ahead of Leola’s curves, right here on Playboy Plus.

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Charming Sally Charles gets her pussy all wet in this beautiful outdoor scene, enjoy this true moment of pleasure.

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