29 Jun 2014

Iana Little in Crystal Clear

Iana Little graduates to Cybergirl in this elegant set from photographer Damir K. Tall and natural, with long, dark hair and teal-blue eyes, Iana was made to be a Playboy model, and in the nude, she really, really seals the deal. “I’m still a freshman in college,” she says. “I’m studying to become a plastic surgeon. One of my best assets is my nose – I think it’s perfect. Girls get plastic surgery to have a nose like mine, but I was born with it!” That’s not all she was born with – that pear-shaped behind is nothing short of God-given, and she knows how to use it to her best advantage. “I also play the drums,” she divulges. “I used to play in a band. I can do lots of things that guys think girls can’t do!” Beauty, brains and a can-do attitude – by our count, that equals a Playboy model.        

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Yippee just can't control herself when she starts reading erotic novels...

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