29 Jun 2014

Emily Agnes Playmate Miss July 2014 Behind the Scenes

 Emily Agnes is our Miss July 2014, and she’s a very private secretary in this captivating set from photographer Tony Kelly. Tall and thin, with brown hair, green eyes and the best breasts this side of the Atlantic, Emily hails from small-town Windlesham, Surrey. We took one look at this English rose and took her all the way to sunny California for a Centerfold shoot, set at our offices in Beverly Hills. “In England, no one paid me much attention,” she says, a little shy. “We shot my Playmate pictorial at Playboy Headquarters in Beverly Hills, and I played the part of a very personal assistant. It was so cool – I mean, it’s where everything Playboy goes on. We shot at night – you know, after hours – and that was pretty sexy!” Emily came to our attention via the internet, where her pictures are shared well and often, and this is her first big-time gig in the US of A. “I’ve done nudes before, but nothing like this,” she says. “Everything is so different in America. The roads, the cars, the personalities – everything is bigger!” Now that she’s a Playmate, our Miss July is going big, and and sooner than later, she may call Los Angeles home. “In my village, I’d never even seen an issue of Playboy,” she says. “In fact, by the time I’d read one, I was already in LA! I’m a very private person, but I love to think that people look at my pictures. They can think what they want to think!” We’re thinking that Emily has a long and successful career ahead of her, and we’ll be happy to say we knew her when. “Working in an office was never as exciting as this,” she gushes. “The Playboy family has been so welcoming to me. This is above and beyond!” 

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Yippee just can't control herself when she starts reading erotic novels...

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