23 Jun 2014

Anika Shay in Tropical

 International model Anika Shay is a little piece of paradise in this tropical set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. Brown-haired, with brown eyes and a very curvy body, Anika is a knockout in a crocheted one-piece, and she’s enjoying all that her location in sunny, sultry Bali has to offer. “This set was my favorite,” she says. “It’s gypsy-style, and that represents me really well. I was brought up in a hippie commune, so I’m a very free-spirited person!” Spread out on the dark teak lounger, she starts to undress, letting the straps of her suit fall gently over her shoulders, caressing her breasts with her hands. “Bali is so amazing,” she gushes. “Playboy models are beautiful, high-class girls, and I can’t believe that I’m one of them. I feel like a member of an exclusive club!” Use your membership to the best advantage with the luscious Anika Shay, right here on Playboy Plus. 

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