27 Oct 2013


Cybergirl Liz Ashley is pleasantly playful in this video by Holly Randall. Liz is waiting for you in bed, all wrapped up in a fuchsia lace bra and panties, her long blonde hair spilling over the pillows. She undoes her bra and slips out of her panties, and as she twists and turns on the bed, you can feel your heart rate going up. “When it comes to nude modeling, there’s nothin’ to it but to do it,” says Liz. “I started nude modeling with a friend in art school, and the rest is history!” We wouldn’t put it quite that way – this isn’t history, this is the present, and who wouldn’t want to spend it with a gorgeous girl like Liz Ashley?


 Milano beauty Giulia Borio is yours and yours alone in this video by Michele Lombardo. It’s late afternoon in your Italian country hotel room, and Giulia is spending some high-quality time in a lacy pink bra and panties. In the last of the day’s sunlight, she undresses and motions you to join her on the couch for a little fun, Italian-style. “The first thing I pay attention to is a man’s eyes,” she says. “But when it comes to women, I pay a lot more attention to their bodies.” We have to admit, Giulia has a beautiful pair of green eyes – but it’s so hard to tear ours away from her body..

15 Oct 2013

Shaun Tia is Ready & Willing

Cybergirl Shaun Tia is pure gorgeousness in this set from photographer Holly Randall. Red-haired, brown-eyed Shaun is a real knockout in a sheer black teddy and thigh-high stockings, her skin all porcelain in the soft evening light. She stretches out on the red leather couch, and as she slips out of her clothes, she’s ready and more than willing, only for you. “Modeling is my life, and my body is an art,” says Shaun. “And I have to say, all of my parts are beautiful.”
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