30 Jan 2017

Bailey Rayne in Bali High

Bailey Rayne is your Cybergirl of the Month for January 2017, and she shows off her booty-shaking skills in this incredible set from photographer Holly Randall. Those of you who love Bailey’s behind are in for quite a treat. While naked on set, our Cybergirl of the Month started twerking, we started filming, and well—you might say the rest is history. Better make sure you’re sitting down before pressing that ‘play’ button. “You know, one of my biggest turn-ons is a pair of strong hands,” says Bailey. I’m not sure why, but I always notice when a guy has nice, big hands. I imagine them wrapped around my waist from behind.” With that little visual in mind, let Bailey treat you to an amazing performance—if you thought her other videos were hot, you’re gonna find this one hotter than molten lava. “I think being creative in the bedroom is important,” confides Bailey. “There’s nothing embarrassing about learning to be the best lover you can be!”

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