1 Dec 2016

Tawny Swain in Dance With Me

Cybergirl of the Month Tawny Swain ends November with a bang with this gorgeous set from photographer Holly Randall. Her long red hair swept up into a bun, Tawny stuns in a red skirt and heels. If you’d like to see what’s underneath, you’re in luck—and if you’re a fan of black lingerie, all the better. “My idea of a romantic date is fine wine and a nice view somewhere quiet,” says Tawny. “I love a gentleman who’s confident, creative and has a kinky side. Don’t be afraid to embrace who you are, or what you want!” At the end of an evening with Tawny, you might expect the fun to be over, but if the date went well, there’d be plenty more to come. Just like she’s not afraid to ask for what she wants, Miss Swain is not afraid to get it. “In the bedroom, I like to use my mouth,” she teases. “I’ll lick a guy all over if I feel like it—I think you should worship your partner from head to toe!”

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