7 Nov 2016

Niemira in Fast and Flirty

International adrenaline junkie Niemira is passionate about all things fast and furious, like the red sports car that served as her prop during her set with photographer Stanislav Vorobyev. Wearing her very short Daisy Dukes and white t-shirt, the petite Ukrainian with piercing blue eyes walked by the car as her fingers brushed against its cherry-red paint. “I have lots of sexual fantasies,” confesses the all-natural Eastern European with the long dark brown hair. “My main sexual fantasy is to have sex with a loved one in an airplane.” With steamy thoughts of engaging in a passionate embrace miles above the ground, Niemira is feeling hot and in need of cooling down. Seeing a hose on the ground, she turns it on and splashes her busty chest with the cold water. “I like well-built guys,” she says as her soaked t-shirt leaves little to the imagination. “I also respect the guys who are kind.”


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