8 Nov 2016

Mashup Black is Beautiful Vol. 2

Mashup Black is Beautiful Vol. 2
The weather might be getting colder, but here at Playboy Plus, things are heating up with our second volume in Black is Beautiful for Mashup Sunday. First up, petite Hope Alina isn’t lying in bed because she plans on sleeping tonight. The voluptuous beauty has some naughty ulterior motives, will you comply with them? Over in Chicago, Cybergirl Brittany Kelly is the resident exhibitionist in her neighborhood—not that her neighbors mind. “Being bootylicious is never a bad thing! If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” exclaims the tall twin as she removes her red panties. Licking a Popsicle in her pool back in Scottsdale is CGOM Briana Ashley who loves her curvy body and will make you love it too. “I get tons of compliments on my body, and it’s a total confidence booster,” says the busty model.

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