4 Nov 2016

Ivy Jones in California Cutie

Newcomer Ivy Jones has been a nude model for about a year now, but she feels her career has finally taken off now that she’s become a Playboy Plus model. “I have always wanted to pose for Playboy! This is my first time,” says the excited blonde, who comes to us from Oregon. “You finally found me!” Too shocked to speak, Ivy thought she had dreamt up the phone call from Playboy Plus telling her the good news, until she received a follow-up call from photographer Holly Randall with information on their upcoming shoot. “In high school, I was an art geek,” says petite university student with a red lollipop in her mouth. “And now, I’m a hottie!” Looking at the metropolis below the rooftop terrace serving as Ivy’s set for the day, the archaeology major in the black bodysuit with white booties says there’s a whole world out there she’s dying to explore. “I love the nature and outdoors,” explains the amateur model. “I also love my body and modeling.”

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