1 Nov 2016

Chandler South in Vamped Up

Walking onto photographer’s Holly Randall’s set in her black dress with crisscross laces and black pumps, Cybergirl Chandler South exuded poise and determination—the qualities she happens to love most in a man. “The most important thing in the bedroom, for me, is confidence,” admits the voluptuous model with fiery red hair. “I can’t even stress it enough.” With plenty of time on her hands to meet confident men, the single Texan admits when she does find a man worthy of her time, he’s in for some sexy surprises. “I’ve developed the talent of doing the splits. I grew up as a cheerleader and was a flyer on the team. I never had a problem with flexibility when up in the air, but if you got me on the floor, I could never do a split. It was the strangest thing, until recently when I decided to give it a go, and with the help of tequila, I was able to do a split. I’ve been doing them ever since!” Slipping out of her dress, Chandler gives us all something to flip over. “I’m also a huge fan of sex in public places. There’s something about having sex in a dressing room or a stairwell that drives me wild,” she admits. “I think it’s the fact that we could get caught at any moment that gives me so much of a rush.”

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