12 Oct 2016

Olivia Preston in Shoreline Strip

Stripping by the British Columbian shoreline is Cybergirl Olivia Preston, an all-natural beauty we met during our Montreal Casting Call. “I heard Playboy Plus was going to be in Montreal for a Casting Call, and one of the scouts found me on Facebook and invited me to come along,” recalls the tall Canadian who calls Vancouver home. “I actually grew up in rural Canada. My extended family were all really close and it was nice to grow up in an environment like that.” Speaking of environment, Olivia was mesmerized by the location of her latest photoshoot with photographer Cassandra Keyes. Although she didn’t remove her black bikini and jean shorts to jump into the cold water, she’s not afraid to take the plunge with some naughty behavior, like the time she and her boyfriend held their own private school assembly. “I was dating a guy on the swim team,” says the shy model. “During a school assembly, we broke into the swim coach’s locker-room and did it up against his coach’s locker.”

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