30 Sep 2016

Gia Ramey-Gay in Good Morning

Cybergirl of the Year Gia Ramey-Gay starts the day so, so right in this set from photographer Holly Randall. In a cute set of pajamas, Gia’s having a cup of coffee in the kitchen. Maybe it’s the caffeine, but she starts to get excited, and before you know it, she’s stripping down right there on the countertop. “I loved this look, but actually, I don’t even wear pajamas,” teases Gia. “The only thing I wear to bed are the sheets!” If you like your women like you like your coffee—hot and fresh in the morning—then our Cybergirl of the Year is right for you. Beautiful and all natural, she knows exactly how to perk you up in the morning. “I say yes to trying new things every single day,” says Gia. “I want to experience everything that life has to offer. I think it’s really important to be spontaneous and open-minded every day.”

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