31 Aug 2016

Krista Nicole in The Heat is On

Cybergirl Krista Nicole spends the afternoon by the pool in this awesome set from photographer Michael Valentino. On location in Los Angeles, Krista was loving the weather—even a bikini was too much clothing for such a hot, sunny day. Good thing this is Playboy Plus—no need for clothes over here. “We decided to shoot this pictorial by the pool,” says Krista. “It was really hot out, but the view was amazing. I loved my bikini, and I had a lot of fun!” The view with Krista included is doubly amazing—imagine being her neighbor and getting to see her sunbathing in the nude. “I loved working with this crew and I had a great day,” says Krista. “Before the shoot I was nervous, but everyone was so welcoming that it was all amazing from there!”

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