28 Jul 2016

Skylar Leigh in Water Babe

Cybergirl Skylar Leigh makes one hell of a splash in this set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. To cap off a fabulous weekend in Bali, Skylar decided she wanted to go for a swim. Throw in a pink float and a waterfall, and you’ve got one seriously good time. “I love a guy—or a girl, for that matter—who knows what they want in the bedroom,” says Skylar. “If you can take charge, that’s sexy. I’m open to trying new things and experimenting!” When it comes to sex, Skylar sometimes prefers the great outdoors to behind closed doors. “Once I was driving through the desert at night, and I got all hot and bothered,” she remembers. “My boyfriend and I pulled over for a quickie on the side of the road. I love sex under the stars!” You’ll be seeing stars with the stunning Skylar Leigh, right here on .

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