19 Jul 2016

Skylar Leigh in Namaste

Cybergirl Skylar Leigh is very, very flexible in this sexy set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. On location in Bali, Skylar was game to do a little outdoor yoga. It was so hot that she started sweating, and then her clothes came off and—well, we’ll let you see the photos for yourself. “I always try to see things from other perspectives,” says Skylar dreamily. “I can be shy, and some people think I’m not interested, but really, I am! I love traveling and seeing everything the world has to offer.” As for her own generous offerings, If you’ve ever wondered what a wide-legged forward bend looks like in the nude, Skylar gives us all a view to remember. Be namaste as you wanna be with the amazing Skylar Leigh, right here on

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