20 Jul 2016

Kelsi Shay in Tight & Toned

Kelsi Shay graduates to Cybergirl with this pulse-quickening set from photographer Jennifer Vaughn. Though Kelsi’s curves are generous, she’s tight and toned, too—spending hours in the gym will do that to a girl, and lucky for us, we get to feast our eyes on the results. “In a guy, I look for confidence, not cockiness,” says Kelsi. “Bonus points if you’re taller than me—after all, I have to be able to wear heels. I’m 5’8”, so you’ve gotta be tall!” Slipping out of her outfit and into the nude, Kelsi takes us to new and dizzying heights of sensuality. As far as hot pictorials go, this one’s pushing the mercury, and we’re pretty sure it counts as sizzling. 

Красивое женское нижнее белье - Интернет-магазин нижнего белья Изящность линий

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