8 May 2016

Kristie Taylor in Satin Smooth

Kristie Taylor is your Cybergirl of the Month for May 2016, and she’s smooth as satin in this set from photographer Michael Valentino. Back in 2012, Kristie posed for the final cover of Playboy’s Special Editions—little did she know that a few short years later, she’d be named CGOM on Playboy Plus. “I never expected it to happen,” she says, tucking a strand of black hair behind her ear. “First off, thanks to all my fans! It takes a lot of courage to strip down and flaunt what you’ve got, so knowing you guys like me makes me feel so confident. Thanks for all the love and support.” Not that Kristie needs it, not one bit—totally comfortable with herself and her vision, Miss Taylor manifested what she wanted, and now she’s got it. Talk about the magic touch. “I’ve always had amazing, positive experiences with Playboy,” she says happily. “Being CGOM will bring me lots of new memories, and amazing images I get to look back on forever!”

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