10 May 2016

Brittany Kelly in Delicious

Cybergirl Brittany Kelly takes things up a notch with this hot, hot set from photographer Holly Randall. Though she had fun shooting with her sister Brandi, Brittany was more than ready for her close-up—all done up in hot pink lingerie and heels, she didn’t hesitate to get right down to business. “I prefer to be single, because I can do whatever I want, whenever I want,” explains Brittany. “That said, I’m very loyal and passionate. In a guy, I look for someone tall and rugged, someone who’s funny and understanding…and a monster in the bedroom!” When it comes to sex, Brittany’s tastes are varied, but as to the most important points, she’s got two words for you. “Creativity and stamina,” she says, breaking into a grin.

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