7 Apr 2016

Emily Bloom in Sweet Dream

Newcomer Emily Bloom walks in and owns the place with this heart-stopping set from photographer Holly Randall. All natural, with long brown hair, slate-blue eyes and a shy but charming smile, Emily is a model and actress. Originally from the Ukraine, she studied in New York and recently moved to Los Angeles, where she finally decided to try out for Playboy Plus. “Playboy isn’t just sexy, it’s artistic,” she explains. “It’s such a great experience to have—not to mention a great credit on my résumé!” Though raised in a family geared toward STEM fields, Emily has always been artistic, and her creativity shows in her fun, fearless (and incredibly flexible) poses. Miss Bloom has sex appeal to spare, and we’re honored that she chooses to share it with us. “I’m honored and really excited to be here,” she says, smiling. “I always wanted to find a place where I fit in!” 

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