18 Aug 2015

Samy Jordan in Good Vibes

Cybergirl Samy Jordan spends the day in bed in this romantic set from photographer Justin Price. In nothing but a light tee and stockings, Samy traipses into the bedroom, glancing over her shoulder and inviting you to join her. “For me, the biggest turn-on is being a little rough in bed,” she says, giggling. “That’s just so hot! And for the record, I think size matters—even if you’re not so good, I’m still happy, you know?” Slipping out of her top and panties, Samy kneels on the bedspread, running her hands over her petite yet very curvy body. Far from the bedroom, Miss Jordan prefers to have sex en plein air. “The craziest place I’ve ever done it probably outside of a Las Vegas resort,” says Samy, blushing. “Whoops, confession!” Put your hands together for the gorgeous Samy Jordan, right here on Playboy Plus.

                        Webmoney  Z939375850388

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