28 Jul 2015

Anika Shay in Exotic Innkeeper

Anika Shay works up a sweat in this sweltering set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. A devotee of all things health, wellness and fitness, Anika is studying to become a yoga instructor. She’s got Bikram yoga, performed in hot, steamy rooms, to thank for her curvy yet perfectly toned physique. “Yoga’s my religion, I live and breathe it,” says Anika. “I’m very flexible, and if you ask me, yoga is great for your sex life. Deep down, all of us yogis do it for the sex!” As for her other talents, Anika prefers to show you rather than tell you—slipping out of a low-slung, figure-hugging bikini, she settles into a few of her more risque poses. Namaste as she wants to be, Anika is hotter than fire. “At the end of a practice, I like to lie on my back,” she says suggestively. “That one’s called savasana. It’s the ultimate relaxation!” Get sexy with Cybergirl Anika Shay, only on Playboy Plus.

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