26 Jun 2015

Briana Ashley in Sweltering Hot

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Briana Ashley is your Cybergirl of the Month, and she’s cooling it poolside in this set from photographer Holly Randall. It’s a hot, sunny day, and Briana makes the best of it with a skimpy bikini and a popsicle. Unable to resist a respite from the heat, she holds the popsicle to her skin, letting the ice-cold treat drip all the way down to her stomach and hips. “When I was a fashion model, I always felt pressure to be a certain height and weight,” says Briana. “They’d always tell me that I needed to lose weight in my hips. With Playboy, I get tons of compliments on my body, and it’s a total confidence booster. I feel so great about myself, especially now that I’m Cybergirl of the Month.” With such a positive outlook, you could say that Briana sees the world through rose-colored glasses—or, in this case, sunglasses. “This was my favorite look,” she says. “I wore these heart-shaped sunglasses, and Holly let me eat popsicles all day! Talk about the good life.” Get in good with the gorgeous Briana Ashley, right here on Playboy Plus.

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