3 Mar 2015

Vivien in Sweet Tease

Hungarian model Vivien is so seductive in this set from photographer Robert Haas. Based in Budapest, dark-haired Vivien is new to the modeling scene—this is her first time posing nude, and if we may say so, she’s a formidable talent. “At first I was a bit embarrassed, but I soon lost my shyness,” says Vivien. “The crew helped me a lot!” Being smoking hot probably helps, too—with her long, dark hair, dark brown eyes and slim, gorgeous figure, Vivien wears her nudity very, very well. “My best assets are my ass, lips and eyes,” says Vivien. “I just started modeling—really, I don’t have any other experience, but I love Playboy-style pictures!” As they say in Hungary, isten hozott—welcome to Playboy Plus. 

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