15 Mar 2015

Sabrina Nichole in Up Close & Personal

Sabrina Nichole graduates to Cybergirl with this intimate set from photographer Jose Luis. All natural and deliciously curvy, Sabrina both fits and breaks the mold—she’s simultaneously every man’s girl next door and one hundred percent her own woman. “For me, a guy has to be fit and built,” she says. “To me, that’s so, so sexy!” Sabrina makes a muscle for emphasis, breaking into that trademark sweet, silly smile, then assumes a more serious and oh-so-sensuous pose. “But really, the sexiest thing is a good personality,” she explains softly. “I love a humble man who’ll treat me like a princess, not like an option. And lastly, a man has to know how to please me. I can’t be with someone who can’t do that!”

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