7 Mar 2015

Meghan Leopard in Step Up

Meghan Leopard is your Cybergirl of the Month for March 2015, and she takes it one step at a time in this searing-hot set from photographer Damir K. A Canadian from Toronto, Ontario, petite Meghan caught our attention back in November—judging by the stacks of likes and favorites on her pictorials, she caught your attention, too. “I attended my first casting in August of last year,” says Meghan excitedly. “I drove in to Montreal, and a month later, I was flown to Los Angeles for my first Playboy shoot!” From there, it wasn’t long before Meghan became CGOM. This pictorial sees our hot Torontonian back in LA, shooting on some choice beachfront property. “I feel honored to be Cybergirl of the Month, because it’s not something I thought I could accomplish,” she says. “I’m unique, because I’m very fit and I do MMA training. I think that’s what sets me apart from the other girls.” Meghan may be petite, but she’s no small thing—Miss Leopard has a very seductive, very charming presence, and we’re glad to soak it up all March long. “Being 5’2”, I believe that height doesn’t matter,” says Meghan. “And anyway, the smaller you are, the more fun-sized!” Step it up with CGOM Meghan Leopard, only on Playboy Plus.

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Enjoying her backyard paradise, Clover takes a serene moment just for her to explore her inner and outer self. Inspired by a lone purple flower, she decides to caress her own petals. Tentatively at first, Clover tenderly touches her pink nipples, then leans back to softly tickle her clit. She bends forward to reveal the wet pussy between her smooth thighs. With great care, she inserts her finger and brings herself to climax, opening her eyes to find the purple flower, and reveling in its beauty.
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