17 Mar 2015

Katie Calloway in Luxurious Attraction

Cybergirl Katie Calloway puts on her poker face in this risqué set from photographer Jennifer Vaughn. In the world of high-stakes poker, bets place in the hundreds of thousands of dollars—but with her pale blonde hair, blue eyes and beautiful, bountiful breasts, Miss Calloway is pretty much priceless. Just the sort of girl we’d love to meet at the club or the casino. “A night out with me and my girlfriends is madness,” says Katie. “Lots of laughter, twerking and crazy cab rides. It’s always tons of fun!” If Katie won the lottery, she wouldn’t put it into stocks and bonds—she’d buy a private jet and travel the world. All she’d need is a partner in crime. “You only live once,” she says. “I love to live easy, and if I have chemistry with a guy, I don’t mind being in a relationship!”

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