12 Mar 2015

Anna Tatu in Wet Shirt

Anna Tatu takes the hottest shower ever in this set from photographers David Merenyi and Gabor Klinszky. Anna’s a dirty, dirty girl, and she needs your help to clean up. Follow her into the shower and watch as she drenches herself, clothes and all, with hot water. Who needs a wet T-shirt contest when you’ve got Anna Tatu? “My body is my temple,” says Anna, whose habits include clean eating, regular exercise, and a bottle of good vodka in the freezer. “I like the way I look, and that’s why I can do this kind of work.” From where we’re standing, Anna’s work looks an awful lot like play—watching her in the shower, the water soaking her blonde hair and pale skin, we’re dying to join in on the fun. This girl just exemplifies the concept of sexiness. 

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