5 Mar 2015

Andrea Jarova in Import Model

Andrea Jarova really gets our engines running with this hot set from photographer Justin Price. In nothing but a few strips of leather, Andrea revs things up—her outfit may qualify as barely there, but Andrea’s a very strong and totally gorgeous presence. Originally from Slovakia, she’s now based in Miami, Florida, and with her platinum blonde hair, blue eyes and all-over tan, she gets along very, very nicely. “I loved my wardrobe today,” says Andrea, referring to those little bits of leather stretched taut across her breasts. “My location was this red and black car, and it was pretty sexy…I got pretty oily!” Back in Slovakia, Miss Jarova is known as Miss November 2009 and PMOY 2010, and we thought it was high time she was assigned another number—that is to say, bring her back in 2015. There’s no time like the present. “I first shot for Playboy six years ago, and now here I am,” says Andrea. “This shoot was amazing, and you guys will see a lot more on Playboy Plus!” Yeah, what she said—on your marks, get set, go with hot import model Andrea Jarova, right here on Playboy Plus.

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